Bad bosses can cause heart attacks


O modo de agir de um líder pode realmente influenciar na saúde de um funcionário? Leia o este artigo sobre um estudo sueco a respeito disso e confira se você concorda com ele.

Bad bosses can cause heart attacks

           Having a bad boss could be bad for your heart. This is the conclusion of a Swedish study on management styles and health. The researchers concluded that poor managers can increase their employee’s risk of developing heart disease. The Stockholm University study analyzed data on the health of 3,000 male workers. They compared the data with the results from questionnaires about senior managers. The questions asked workers if they thought their boss was considerate, communicated well and offered positive feedback. Other questions looked at how much work bosses gave to workers and how well they outlined their goals. The research team found that workers who respected their bosses were healthier and had fewer heart problems.

The report is published in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine. It suggests that companies should re-train bosses to improve worker health. A healthier workforce will improve the overall health of the company. Investing in providing leadership skills to senior managers could be a good long-term investment. The researchers said a more supportive and understanding boss would reduce the chances of workers developing high blood pressure and stress-related illnesses. Magnus Larsson, an engineer for a large IT company, agreed with the report’s findings. He believes his heart attack last year was because of his boss: “The guy was a monster. Working for him was a daily nightmare for eight years,” Larsson said.


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