Bullying in the workplace – Bullying no local de trabalho – 2

How can bullying affect an individual?

People who are the targets of bullying may experience a range of effects. These reactions include:

  • shock  and  anger;
  • feelings of frustration and/or helplessness;
  • increased sense of vulnerability and loss of confidence;
  • physical symptoms such as inability to sleep loss of appetite;
  • panic or anxiety, especially about going to work;
  • family tension and stress;
  • inability to concentrate, and  low morale and productivity.

How can bullying affect the workplace?

Bullying affects the overall “health” of an organization. An “unhealthy” workplace can have many effects. In general these include:

  • increased absenteeism and turnover;
  • increased stress and increased risk for accidents / incidents;
  • decreased productivity and motivation;
  • decreased morale;
  • reduced corporate image and customer confidence, and  poorer customer service.

What can an employer do?

The most important component of any workplace prevention program is management commitment. Management commitment is best communicated in a written policy. Since bullying is a form of violence in the workplace, employers may wish to write a comprehensive policy that covers a range of incidents (from bullying and harassment to physical violence).

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