Common mistakes in English 21

1- Peter is lunching now.

Lembram-se dos verbos para refeições?

Have breakfast

Have lunch

Have dinner

Have a snack

Have some coffee / tea / a drink


Peter is having lunch now.

2- Who did see you last week?

Quando temos perguntas com What, Which, Who eHow many referindo-se a mesma pessoa / coisa, não usamos o auxiliar did:

Who saw you last week?


O sujeito de que falamos, é a pessoa que o / a viu na semana passada.

3- When I started in this company, I have already worked at many places.

Veja que temos duas ações ocorridas no passado, mas uma antes da outra. A única forma de expressarmos isto será por meio do Past Perfect (had+ past participle do verbo) e não do Present Perfect (have / has+ past participle do verbo)

Desta forma:

When I started in this company, I had already worked at many places. Registered & Protected

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