Common mistakes in English 25

1- I work with ABC Bank S/A. I am a manager there.

You mean, você é um funcionário regular desta empresa?

Então veja só:

I work for ABC Bank S/A. (use for quando tiver o nome da empresa)
I am a manager there.

By the way

I work in/at a bank. (use in/at quando você tiver apenas a natureza do negócio)

I work in Research & Development (R&D). (use in para mencionar o seu departamento na empresa)

I work with Mary and Jean.
I work with Japan.
(use with para mencionar as pessoas, grupos ou países com que trabalha)

Days, Year and months:

The meeting is on Friday.
My birthday is in June.
My birthday is on June, 25th.
We start to work in the morning
in the afternoon
in the evening

at night

2- He works on Saturdays at a coffee shop.

As expressões que indicam lugar (at a coffee shop) normalmente são usadas antes das expressões que indicam tempo (on Saturdays)


He works at a coffee shop on Saturdays .

Da mesma forma, as expressões que indicam modo (calmy, patiently, angrily, etc) são normalmente posicionadas antes das expressões indicando lugar (at the store) e tempo (at 10:00 AM).

Martha waited patiently at the store at 10 AM.

3- Let’s to see it right now, OK?

Cuidado com o uso indevido de toDon’t spread it like confetti!!!

Para lembrarmos, aí vão as estruturas que dispensam o uso do to:

Let’s see it right now, OK?
I can understand Spanish quite well.
You should try a new course.
We might travel soon.
You must sign here, please.
You could try it.
I may see her soon.
You’d better (I had better) talk to him first.
I’d rather (would rather) watch a good movie now. Registered & Protected

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