Common mistakes in English 34

1- He is lately for the meeting again…


Be careful!!!

Late e Lately parecem ser similares, mas não são…




The meeting was at 9 A.M. She arrived at 10:00 A.M. She was one hour late!!! (atrasada)


Mark has been working hard lately. He has a new business. (ultimamente)




He is late for the meeting again…




2- She has studying hard since May.


Ops… Didn’t you forget anything?


Olhe para a estrutura destes dois tempos verbais:


a) Present Perfect:


has/have + past participle (a nossa famosa “terceira coluna”) do verbo:


He has worked a lot.

They have played tennis for years.



b) Present Perfect Continuous/Progressive


has/have + been + verb with ING.


She has been studying hard since May.

They have been working here for 5 years.




3- I’d rather to learn Spanish to Japanese.


Two mistakes in a single sentence….


Quer expressar suas preferências? Look at the options:


I prefer to study Spanish to  study Japanese.

I prefer studying Spanish to Japanese.

I prefer Spanish to Japanese.

I'd rather learn Spanish than Japanese. Registered & Protected

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