Common Mistakes in English 4

1 – I guess he has about forty years old.


Ok, bem básico, mas não custa relembrar:


Indicação de anos de vida em inglês: to be.


He is 40 years.



2 – They usually make their job pretty well.


Make or do?


We do our job. Desta forma: They usually do their job pretty well.


Uma listinha to clear things up:







a mistake

the cooking/ washing/cleaning

an effort

your best

a decision

the Math*


the shopping

a phone call

a favour

an appointment

the homework


the nails

an excuse

something about…

a good/bad impression

for a living*



* I was doing the Math and I notice that I didn´t have a cent left!

(no sentido de “fazer as contas”)


A: What do you do for a living?

(What’s your job?)
B: I am an engineer.



3 – I have a friend which brothers are managers.


*Which se refere a coisas:


This is the company which I told you about.

This is the company in which she works for.


*Who se refere a pessoas:


She is the person who knows English very well.

My brother, who likes sports very much, is an engineer.


*Whoseindica posse:


I have a friend whose brothers are managers.

This is the company whose employees are always motivated. Registered & Protected


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