Common mistakes in English 40

1- He is working hard now a day.

You mean, nowadays? Yes, é tudo junto!!!

Assim: He is working hard nowadays.

Talvez a confusão seja por causa de everyday e every day.


I go to the gym every day. (todos os dias)

The doctor told me that I can come back to my everyday activities. (diárias, rotineiras)

2- You don’t can’t do it…

Something wrong here… Can é um verbo modal que tem a forma negativa com “not” e não don’t .


You can’t / cannot do it.

O mesmo vale para os modais:

should (shouldn’t), may (may not), might (might not), could (could not).

3- Let’s to start prepare your documents for the presentation.

Two big mistakes:

1- “Let’s” não vem acompanhado da preposição“to”;

2- “Start” admite duas formas: gerúndio (ING) ou infinitivo (To) : start to prepare / preparing.


Let’s start to prepare / preparing the documents for the presentation.

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