Motivating Employees to Behave With Proper Office Etiquette

Qual será a importância de mantermos uma “office etiquette” ( portar-se de forma correta e respeitosa no local de trabalho)?  Como fazer com que as pessoas sigam estas regras? Leia o artigo e confira!

The workplace environment and etiquettes have a great impact on the performance of the employees. A workplace with people having a negative attitude and always having a conflict with one another will never help the organization. On the other hand, a workplace having a positive environment will motivate the employees to give their best performance.

Here are some of the ways to motivate them in the right direction:

 First, you must decide on the set of workplace etiquettes that you want the employees to follow. Based on the desired outcome, you can decide upon the positive environment that you should create. To decide the list of etiquettes, you can consult your colleagues.

The next thing you must do is to set an example. You will get what you give. So, practice what you expect from your employees.

In case you are planning to make changes in the given set of etiquettes, you must inform the employees. Approach them with a positive attitude. This can be done in any one of the following ways:

·         By calling a meeting.

·         By individually approaching the employees.

·         By giving a notice of the changes to be introduced.

Some new etiquette may lead to confusion and conflict within the organization. In such situations, you must make sure that you handle the situation efficiently and delicately. You must explain to both the parties the possible ways to resolve the conflict. This will help you improve the work environment.

Some of the etiquettes may not be approved by some of the employees. In such a case, you must stress on their relevance and importance to the organization. This will help the employees to work in the right direction. If you want to look at some real world examples of great employee interaction and company support, check out employee blog sites.

You can also motivate the employees by rewarding those who strictly adhere to the workplace etiquette. This will encourage the remaining employees to follow suit.


Outcome = result

To follow suit = to follow the same pattern. To follow someone’s example.

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