Top 10 Resolutions for Your Possible New Year

Quais são as suas resoluções para o ano que começa? Confira o artigo e veja se você escolheu algumas destas dicas.

Top 10 Resolutions for Your Possible New Year

Recommended New Year’s Resolutions for People Who Work

The new year is a beginning so new goals and resolutions, new plans, new dreams and new directions fuel your thoughts. Here are ten New Year’s resolutions for people who work for businesses and organizations.

Be good to yourself this year. Promise that you will:

1- Do something you love to do, and that you do best, every single day. People who could answer the questions below affirmatively were more likely to be happy and productive:

Do I know what is expected of me at work?

Do I have the materials and equipment I need to do my work right?

At work, do I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day?

Get passionate about your work. Do something you do best every day.

2- Do something just for you every single day. As professionals, you can do things for others during every minute of your work day. Set time aside for yourself every day to exercise, relax, reflect, cook, eat ice cream, walk your pet or do any other activity that you like. You will feel as if you have a life.

3- Give yourself credit when you deserve it. According to researches, people who received praise or recognition for their work in the past seven days were more happy and productive.

4- Learn something new every single day.  Read an article; discuss a new approach with a colleague; research what other organizations are doing on the Web. The opportunities for learning are multiplying every day in this information age.

5- Make professional contacts and network. Look up colleagues you have lost touch. Make sure you attend at least one professional meeting each month. You will benefit from the friendships and relationships you develop from active participation.

6- Practice professional courage by stepping out of your comfort zone.

7- Listen more than you talk.

8- Develop a method to track your life goals, your daily engagements, and your to do list. Using a planner, whether in Microsoft Office Outlook, Google Calendar, or on your smartphone, allows you to empty much of the daily detail from your mind. This gives your mind room for more important thinking.

9-Read to continue to learn and grow. Try to read everything you can. Get out of the business books once in awhile to see how other subjects improve your point of view.

10- Take up a new hobby or activity this year. Maybe this is the year you begin your collection, a new sport, a new course, etc. You’ll add a new dimension to your world.

11- Take yourself a little less seriously.Take time to laugh. Enjoy people for all their differences.

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