Lying on your resume

O que você acha de mentir – ou aumentar as suas qualificações no currículo profissional? Inventar histórias (make up stories)? – Será que vale tudo para conseguir o emprego dos seus sonhos?

Dizer que não tem todas as qualificações necessárias, mas que poderá melhorar as suas habilidades (skills) causará uma boa impressão em quem contrata?

Leia o texto e confira!

Lying on your rèsumè

                                                                                 by Dawn Rosenberg McKay

You read the job ads and the job seems perfect for you. You seem perfect for it too. You’ve got all the qualifications they’re asking for. Oh wait. What does that say? Hmmm. They want someone who has experience with that. “Well, I can do that,” you think to yourself. “I just haven’t done it before. But, I’m sure I can learn.”

How do people react??? Are they willing to lie to get the job? What do you think?

 Let’s see their opinions:

Job Searcher #1 says: “Oh well. I guess I don’t qualify for this job.” He or she moves onto the next job ad.

Job Searcher #2 says: “O.K., so I don’t have the experience they’re asking for. I can just make something up. After all the last company I worked for isn’t in business anymore. This new one will never find out what I did or didn’t do there.” Job Searcher #2 is just a just about to add fictional responsibilities to his or her resume.

Job Searcher #3 says: “It’s obvious that I don’t have the experience they want, but I know I can easily learn the skills I need to do the job. The only thing I can do is to take a chance and apply for the job anyway. I’ll use my cover letter to explain that I don’t have the required skills, but I am willing to do whatever is necessary to get them. I’ll explain that I have similar skills. What do I have to lose?”

Let’s see what a career coach says:

Job Searcher #1 may be missing a great opportunity. Even though he doesn’t have the necessary skills, he may have similar skills. He should assess those skills, even listing what they are and how he can get them. He can write a cover letter that shows his potential, as Job Searcher #3 did. The worst that can happen is that his resume will end up in that big circular file. The best that can happen is that the prospective employer will see the potential in this applicant and decide that experience isn’t as important as initiative.

Job Searcher #2 is lying and lying is never a good idea. You may feel it’s not morally wrong to lie, and perhaps a little white lie isn’t that bad.  Just don’t forget that lies have a way of snowballing, though. It’s kind of like eating potato chips — you can’t stop with just one.

Job Searcher #3, as you may have already guessed, has made the best choice.

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